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Try a Karate Birthday Party at Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts in Newcastle Oklahoma for up to 35 friends!

Non stop fun birthday party games and other kids activities for up to 35 friends!

Some kids birthday parties can be a bit of a hassle. They shouldn't be, and don't have to, let us take care of most of the work for you! Do you feel like your past parties either didn't have enough structure, or didn't have enough fun, unforgettable activities?

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An action packed memorable experience for your child!
  • Non stop fun birthday party games and other kids activities for up to 35 friends! (most times we switch games, the birthday person can choose from a short list which game we all play)
  • A short Karate and self defense (age appropriate) basic lesson
  • A chance for every kid to earn their white belt
  • Structured but fun and safe environment for birthday parties
  • Birthday kid uses a little karate they learned to break a real board!


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  • Every kid gets an offer to attend a free special beginner only intro karate class within a week or two, and receive a free karate uniform for attending it!
  • Of course it wouldn’t be a birthday party without cake and gift time! (If parents don’t mind us making a mess of their cake we will help the birthday kid make the first cut with a sword!)
  • Should the birthday kid wish it, we will split in teams and take what we learned from that karate lesson to put together a fun demo for parents!

Kids Birthday Parties available most Saturday afternoons, all day Sundays, and Some Friday nights if booked far enough in advance!

2-2 and a half hour karate birthday party with all of this and more for $250!


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