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Brandie Mckee-Cully reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

Top notch! Love that my family can all participate together. Mr. & Mrs. Rose are amazing at teaching, have heart, and genuinely care for their students and their progress. Even if you have medical issues, they will help you work around that so that you can still participate and progress. Love all of the extracurricular activities they do with the community and scholarships. I have a very strong feeling that they LIVE & BREATHE PERSEVERANCE. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Rose for your dedication to making your school phenomenal!

Priscilla Rene' Craig reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

Our son Nicholas is loving this place. He wants to go everyday. He has had a hard time finding something that he really enjoys. I have seen so much improvement in his manners already. He feels comfortable and enjoys his time there. Thank you for making him feel welcomed. :)

Jessica Ann Bishop reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

I loved this place and totally miss kickboxing it was the BEST place to go!

Kailyn Lofland reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

We have been going here for a few months and it started out as a way for my daughter to learn some skills to defend herself against her 2 year old brother. Lol also learning life lessons along the way! She has gained so many friends throughout her journey and loves seeing her instructors each day!! This class has given her so much confidence in herself and so much more!! Thank you for all you guys do. You are wonderful instructors and assistants and I'm glad to have you in our karate journey!!

Evelyn Housel reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

I am so thankful for Peaceful Warriors. Our boys have found great instructors and teachers but also great friendships. My middle child doesn't even know how much he is learning because their games and stories are so entertaining. I drive 30 mins each trip to attend these classes because I guarantee that we would not find a better dojo.

Lacy Leaf reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

We absolutely love Peaceful Warriors! They are amazing with the kids and the schedule is super flexible. My 5 year old loves going to karate class!

Tiffany Sattre reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

I think Peaceful Warriors is a great place to take kids who need a little extra help. My son has behavior issues with adhd and anxiety and martial arts has helped him grow so much. He loves it and looks forward to going each time. Mrs. Rose and her staff are so patient with the kids and really makes sure they have what they need to succeed. Im so glad I was able to enroll him in this program and look forward to what he can accomplish.

Stephen Leaf reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

Peaceful Warriors has a great environment. My son has learned a lot! I enjoy watching my son learn new things and believe that my wife and I found a place with great leadership to help him learn self discipline and many other things to help him down the road.

Amy Sullivan-Jones reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

My daughter loves Peaceful Warriors Karate and so do I. They always encourage her to be her best and do her best. They teach respect and kindness while working hard and having fun. It's a Win Win... She will come home so excited to help clean up or doing something nice without being asked. I love how they teach the kids what to do and say if a stanger tried to grab them. I also love the positive reinforcement. We will continue at Peaceful Warriors 😍

Erin Thomasson Cannon reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

So very glad that we finally signed the twins up for martial arts. They absolutely love the classes and it's been great for them to have a chance to get active and away from their screens. The twins were pretty anxious about starting something new, and the Roses have done a great job easing their worries and getting really great results from them... Mostly by expecting great things, I think.

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Courtesy – Being nice and respectful to others

Overview: The easiest way to show respect is through Courtesy. It starts with learning to communicate politely. This is easiest enforced with the use of good manners. When working with children, being the example, all the time, of those manners is very helpful. I remember my parents expecting me to show that courtesy while they were not the examples of it towards me. It takes being considerate and thoughtful of others as we speak to them, including our own family and children. A courteous person tends to be more well-liked and valued because of their polite and considerate nature. They tend to get along better with others and make more friends.

What we talk to students about…

Student: Being polite is awesome. Saying “Please” and “Thank you” is way cool and it shows you appreciate people when they help you. Always show good manners by saying “Yes sir” or “Yes ma’am” when speaking to adults, especially your parents and teachers. Holding the door for someone, allowing others to go first, or giving up your seat to an elderly person on a bus are all acts of courtesy. It shows you are considerate and thoughtful of others. The best part about being courteous is that people will see you in a good way and you will make more friends.

If you are not sure, try to imagine being in the situation you are dealing with, but from the point of view of the other person, this can help a lot in understanding the importance of showing courtesy, and it is the basis of compassion, when it could well be you on the other side of your behavior. We don’t like it when other people aren’t nice to us. However, if we continue the cycle by not being nice either, then we aren’t changing the world at all. If we can be a better example of courtesy, it might help others to show it more, as well as prevent many instances of trouble. Many times we find ourselves in trouble because we made a bad situation worse by throwing out our courtesy. Remember this is the front line in de-escalation.

Parent Section

Parent: Defining courtesy can be tough depending on the age of your kids. It seems like a simple concept until you are trying to help a child to understand it! That is why we use short definitions such as Courtesy – Being nice to others, and Respect – Treating others how we want to be treated.

The best way to teach these concepts is through being an example, and pointing out to them in an encouraging way every time you catch them showing good courtesy and respect. It gives them attention that they crave in a way that reinforces them to continue the type of behavior that they are praised or complimented for. So next time you do catch them making eye contact while you are talking, using their manners, or any other way of showing courtesy, make sure to smile and let them know your proud of them for doing so!

It also means doing so yourself. Asking your children politely, even if you have to bring out the stern voice, or telling them with manners, what you want them to do. The more constant reinforcement in an environment, the more they understand what is expected and why. We regularly have parents of students who want their students to continue their sir’s and ma’am’s at home more than they do. This is easiest done by addressing them in kind.

Why is it important?

Most people would agree our society lacks courtesy. People are often rude and disrespectful towards one another. Some would even say being polite and considerate are a lost art in our culture. Teaching your children to be courteous will help them stand out from their peers. They’ll be viewed as someone who is intelligent and respectful by their use of good manners. Teaching them to be considerate of others helps them to be unselfish. They will have better relationships and be valued by others.

Courtesy starts at home. It helps your children get along with family members better and provides a harmonious living environment. As parents, we try be the best example for your children to follow by being polite and considerate. It shows how much you appreciate and love them. Share with your children through various examples, how the benefits of being courteous can help them in their everyday lives. Such as de-escalation and avoiding bad situations, making friends, and many other benefits to making the world a happier place!


COURTESY GAMES – There are all sorts of ways to incorporate courtesy practice in games you play with your family! From promoting manners to promoting good sportsmanship. There are also games we play in class to incorporate courtesy every day! Here are a couple of popular ones:

INTRODUCTIONS FREEZE TAG: Freeze in a position when tagged, to unfreeze, someone shakes hands, makes eye contact and you both smile and say Hi, my name is ____.

COMPLIMENT KIHAPS: Every kihap(yell) throughout the day in class should be complimentary.






I WILL THANK THOSE AROUND ME (because time is the most valuable thing a person can spend on another)




I WILL USE MY MANNERS How do you do that? Everyone say using our please sir and thank you sir! PLEASE SIR AND THANK YOU SIR


What does courtesy mean? BE NICE

How can we show courtesy? Everyone say help sir (HELP SIR) say manners sir (MANNERS SIR) say listen sir (LISTEN SIR) say follow directions sir (FOLLOW DIRECTIONS SIR) – use all or mix and match, feel free to add your own

Is it nice to yell at someone in a mean way, even if they yell at you first? NO SIR

Does it show courtesy to grab something out of someone’s hand without asking? NO SIR

Does it show courtesy to ignore people when they talk to you? NO SIR

Does it show courtesy to not listen AND follow directions of your parent’s and/or bosses? NO SIR

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