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Brandie Mckee-Cully reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

Top notch! Love that my family can all participate together. Mr. & Mrs. Rose are amazing at teaching, have heart, and genuinely care for their students and their progress. Even if you have medical issues, they will help you work around that so that you can still participate and progress. Love all of the extracurricular activities they do with the community and scholarships. I have a very strong feeling that they LIVE & BREATHE PERSEVERANCE. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Rose for your dedication to making your school phenomenal!

Priscilla Rene' Craig reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

Our son Nicholas is loving this place. He wants to go everyday. He has had a hard time finding something that he really enjoys. I have seen so much improvement in his manners already. He feels comfortable and enjoys his time there. Thank you for making him feel welcomed. :)

Jessica Ann Bishop reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

I loved this place and totally miss kickboxing it was the BEST place to go!

Kailyn Lofland reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

We have been going here for a few months and it started out as a way for my daughter to learn some skills to defend herself against her 2 year old brother. Lol also learning life lessons along the way! She has gained so many friends throughout her journey and loves seeing her instructors each day!! This class has given her so much confidence in herself and so much more!! Thank you for all you guys do. You are wonderful instructors and assistants and I'm glad to have you in our karate journey!!

Evelyn Housel reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

I am so thankful for Peaceful Warriors. Our boys have found great instructors and teachers but also great friendships. My middle child doesn't even know how much he is learning because their games and stories are so entertaining. I drive 30 mins each trip to attend these classes because I guarantee that we would not find a better dojo.

Lacy Leaf reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

We absolutely love Peaceful Warriors! They are amazing with the kids and the schedule is super flexible. My 5 year old loves going to karate class!

Tiffany Sattre reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

I think Peaceful Warriors is a great place to take kids who need a little extra help. My son has behavior issues with adhd and anxiety and martial arts has helped him grow so much. He loves it and looks forward to going each time. Mrs. Rose and her staff are so patient with the kids and really makes sure they have what they need to succeed. Im so glad I was able to enroll him in this program and look forward to what he can accomplish.

Stephen Leaf reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

Peaceful Warriors has a great environment. My son has learned a lot! I enjoy watching my son learn new things and believe that my wife and I found a place with great leadership to help him learn self discipline and many other things to help him down the road.

Amy Sullivan-Jones reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

My daughter loves Peaceful Warriors Karate and so do I. They always encourage her to be her best and do her best. They teach respect and kindness while working hard and having fun. It's a Win Win... She will come home so excited to help clean up or doing something nice without being asked. I love how they teach the kids what to do and say if a stanger tried to grab them. I also love the positive reinforcement. We will continue at Peaceful Warriors ?

Erin Thomasson Cannon reviewed Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts
via Facebook

So very glad that we finally signed the twins up for martial arts. They absolutely love the classes and it's been great for them to have a chance to get active and away from their screens. The twins were pretty anxious about starting something new, and the Roses have done a great job easing their worries and getting really great results from them... Mostly by expecting great things, I think.

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Our latest news & thoughts

Do you make resolutions?

The one resolution that will help everything else fall into place..

Like most of the best advice out there, it sounds too simple. Advice, whether it seems good or not, is only really useful when you know how to apply it. Then actively and mindfully do so.

I was always outwardly resistant to the idea of resolutions. Mostly because if I am honest, I’m always very torn up inside this time of year. I can’t pin point exactly what it is. I just tend to be really keyed up and triggered around the end of the year.

Nonetheless, each year, deep down and known only to me, I would set a goal seeing it as a good time to start. I would try to resolve myself of making a change. Sometimes some of it would stick, other times not, still other times I learned in a short time I was resolving to the wrong things and feeding the negative in myself.

Then one year I began to get it right… I think?

About 10 years ago or so I had a bit of a wake up call experience. I was in the deep throws of depression and trying to climb out of the self negative image being described by myself in my own mind… That traitor..

Anyway, like many times before, I couldn’t pinpoint any sort of point of view or argument that could help me let go and start to climb out of it. Until I heard an interesting debate going on near me in a public spot, which seemed a step up from letting myself be alone to wallow in my disgusting self pity of the depression.

One of them says, “that’s just an excuse, not a reason.” At first it pricked me as something I did NOT want to be listening to. The conversation continued in calm, reasonable voices though. It was a couple of college kids, attempting to define the differences through application of a true ‘excuse’ vs. a true ‘reason’.

That was the inspiration I needed to begin making big, meaningful, changes.

Through their conversation I realized that much of the darkness that plagued my mind (I use past tense here, it isn’t a struggle that just ends) was often portraying technical ‘excuses’ as if they were reasons to continue to struggle and feel bad. Though they were only loosely based on reality as I knew it. Full of what if’s and all sorts of other unknowns.

In a moment of honesty with myself I realized that while outwardly I seemed to not accept excuses in others, it was rampant in my own mind. I would come up to an obstacle, objection, or argument in my mind and just stop and start over. I realized quickly that oddly, that didn’t reflect who I knew I was. I’ve never been the type of person to do that outwardly, I have a proven track record. So why was I doing it inwardly?

A reason for something that has a possible solution, even if you haven’t thought of it yet, is still an excuse. An internal justification of why something is or why you feel a certain way. An ego based reason to not perform an action or often to attempt justifying a behavior a person actually feels bad about deep down.

An actual reason needs a logical and justifiable tie to the thought. When I looked close at those thoughts, I realized most of it was opinion based facade, nothing based in real fact, just a negative perception of things that could just as easily be seen positive. A worry about something that is likely not true, and my big excuse I fight? Sometimes I just want to feel bad.


This did not stop me from struggling, but what it did do was allow me to make massive, positive changes in my life in spite of it. Not letting myself off easy to give up or stop. I stopped blaming circumstance and started finding a way to play the cards life gives me to the best possible outcomes.

Though a handful of years later, that lead to a follow up resolution.


Which is this years resolution, because, balance in all things.


Written by:

Cory Rose

Chief Instructor